Family of Faith

Enroll and Get Connected!


NEW this year: ONE FORM PER FAMILY.  (Applause please!) You will once again need your parishioner ID / envelope number to get started. Contact the DRE if you need assistance.

Registration includes separate diocesan release forms for adults and children. While very similar, one key difference is that we will not use social media or technology to communicate directly with any child in K-6.

The payment link is presented after form submission. This year’s fee is $40 PER FAMILY. An additional $40 sacramental fee is charged PER CHILD for those making First Reconciliation and First Communion. (You may optionally add a "scholarship" to help fund a child who otherwise cannot afford to attend. There are such needs in our parish.)

Include your family name and any remarks in the comment box. You should receive an email confirmation following your payment.


During the pandemic, the parish will not handle and distribute program resources. Families will order ONE COPY of the following selections directly from Sophia Institute: 

  • Volume I Parent’s Guide
  • Volume I Children’s Activity Book

To obtain the parish bulk rate discount:

Reg. $19.99/ea, Disc. $12.99/ea

please follow the ordering instructions from the publisher. Contact the DRE if you need assistance.

Note: Based on our experience from the summer pilot study, if you have multiple children, it is not anticipated that each child requires his/her own Activity Book. Order one per family to start.


We chose the business tool Slack to facilitate sharing within our small groups. This private group messaging application will also become our primary means of communication with all families.

In a prior email, parents were invited to join our group chat workspace. If you’ve not done so already, you’ll want to complete this step as part of registering.

Once you join, the following “channels” are open to you for viewing or conversation:

#start-here 3-minute FoF intro video

#resources Slack how-to videos

#q-and-a Post your questions

#your-groupname-here Sample small group channel; try the sample activity

#general View announcements by the planning team to all families 


2020-21 Meeting Schedule*


Faith Topic

Small Group Parent Meeting (Virtual)

Family Gatherings (In-Person)


Facilitator Training

Sep 23/24 &

Week of:  Sep 27



I Believe in God, the Father Almighty

Week of:   Oct 4

Sat/Sun:   Oct 24/25


Made in His Image, but Fallen from Grace

Week of:   Nov 1

Sat/Sun:   Nov 21/22


In the Fullness of Time

Week of:   Nov 29

Sat/Sun:   Dec 19/20


Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Week of:   Jan 3

Sat/Sun:   Jan 23/24


He is Not Here; He is Risen!

Week of:   Jan 31

Sat/Sun:   Feb 20/21


I Will Not Leave You Orphans

Week of:   Feb 28

Sat/Sun:   Mar 20/21


One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

Week of:   Apr 4

Sat/Sun:   Apr 24/25