Jr High Curriculum

Power & Presence, Jr. High curriculum

Demonstrating the power and presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our Church today. 


This page provides a list of our lessons for Jr. High Ministry. Each lesson includes an opening activity, a teaching or witness talk provided by a leader, and small group discussion or activities. The goal of our ministry is to help teens to grow as disciples. 

Lessons will be uploaded onto this site as they become available. Please note that these may be subject to change. If a teen misses a session and needs to make up the lesson, you can also use this lesson to get a sense of what we did, and read up on a particular resource we might have used. 

Most lessons will include a challenge of the week for the teen to do at home, as well as several 'Car/Dinner' Questions. Parents are encouraged to discuss those questions on the drive home or at dinner that night! Each unit below contains several lessons for the approximate dates listed. 


Semester 1:

Unit 1: Why Faith?  (Sept-Oct)

Unit 2: Why Jesus? (Oct-Nov)

Unit 3: On Advent (Dec)


Semester 2:

Unit 4: Habits of Discipleship (Jan-March)

Unit 5: Paschal Mystery (March)

Unit 6: Spirit & Mission (April-May)