GIFT Enrollment

Discipleship continues the teaching mission of Jesus by providing catechesis to our tri-parish families whose children attend public schools. Enroll your family in St. Mary's GIFT in 5 easy steps:

  1. Review Program Info and Expectations
  2. Register and Pay Online
  3. Order Parent Guide and Student Activity Book
  4. Join Our Slack Community
  5. Print the Sunday Meeting Schedule

Step 1: Review Program Info and Expectations

If you are new to GIFT, please review the GIFT Info Page. Out of respect for those working diligently to provide this ministry, please note the following expectations for our families:

  • Weekly Sunday Mass attendance as a family
  • GIFT will be your family's top priority on the Sundays we meet
  • Active engagement with other families throughout the month as we journey together

Step 2: Register and Pay Online

In our new tri-parish family, GIFT is currently offered only at St. Mary. Click the icon below to register. The cost is $40 per family plus $30 per child for any child making First Sacraments (i.e. Reconciliation and First Communion).


Step 3: Order Parent Guide and Student Activity Book

GIFT uses A Family of Faith from Sophia Institute as the base curriculum for our family catechesis program, to be supplemented with additional resources throughout the year. Following GIFT registration, please order one copy each of the green Vol III: Life in Christ Parent's Guide and Activity Book for your family by clicking on the image below. Use discount code "STM35" at checkout. During checkout you will be prompted to sign in or create a free Sophia account

Step 4: Join Our Slack Community

To share information, foster conversation and keep families connected, we use a robust messaging tool called Slack as our primary means of communication. Slack can be used on your computer and/or smartphone. To join our private workspace, please sign up by clicking the icon below.


Step 5: Print the Sunday Meeting Schedule

These parish-based group meetings will occur twice monthly, generally on a two-week cadence. The first meeting of the month will focus on catechesis while the second meeting will center more on fellowship and community building. Click the icon below to see the schedule of meetings overlaid on the Springboro Schools academic calendar.