Faith Formation Team

August 11, 2023 - Maria Stein Shrine



Chris Stier

POSITION: Director of Faith Formation

BIO: Chris had a long career in technology, including seven years at Google, before discerning the call to work full time for the Lord. A graduate of the Encounter School of Ministry, he served at St. Mary for five years as DRE, before accepting the position as Director of Faith Formation in our new family of parishes. He is focused on forming adults as missionary disciples to witness in the power of the Holy Spirit through a model of teaching, equipping and activating.

CONTACT: [email protected]


Jen Sens

POSITION: Associate Director of Sacrament Preparation & Young Adult Formation

BIO: Jen has been with Our Lady of Good Hope and St. Henry since 2018 as the Youth Minister for both parishes. This year, she will be preparing children of all grades to receive the sacraments of the Church as well as engaging young adults in our family of parishes. She is focused on creating opportunities for everyone to encounter Christ and grow in relationship with Him to become saints.

CONTACT: [email protected]


Jeffrey Kremer

POSITION: Associate Director of Youth & Family Formation

BIO: Jeffrey has been the Youth and Young Adult Minister at St. Mary since 2019. This year, he is assuming responsibility for Junior High and High School Ministry across our family of parishes. He is focused on helping our youth answer Christ’s call to discipleship, become co-workers in the vineyard, and participate in the life of the Church.

CONTACT: [email protected]


Chris Robinson

POSITION: Associate Director of Child & Family Formation

BIO: Chris will take the lead on planning, coordinating and implementing our classroom (PSR) and family catechesis (GIFT) apostolates. Previously, Chris served as Youth Minister at Our Lady of Good Hope for ten years, and later returned to become the DRE. He is a certified youth minister and catechist in the Archdiocese, focusing on revival of the faith where life is lived: in the home, among families, and in parishes filled with children.

CONTACT: [email protected]