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Your new tri-parish Faith Formation team has been busy planning new and enhanced offerings for all parish children. Our goal is to accompany your family along a discipleship path, so you encounter Jesus and become his missionary disciples. Please review the extensive offerings (and schedules) detailed in our Child & Youth Info Packet and note the dates for parent Q&A sessions at the end of August.

Registration is now open for child & family faith formation (as of July 31, 8:45 PM).

Summarily, there are two formation approaches by which we can assist you in being the primary formators of your children Pre-K through Grade 6. The first is our familiar Parish School of Religion (PSR) which offers classroom catechesis once per week. Here the children study, laugh and pray together in a traditional classroom setting, all the while building friendships with their Catholic peers. PSR classes will now be offered on three different days and times across our parish campuses.

Classroom Catechesis (PSR) Schedule

Parish Grades Class Day Weekly Class Time
OLGH K 6 Sunday 09:30 10:45 AM
St. Henry Pre-K 6 Monday 06:00 07:15 PM
St. Mary K 6 Wednesday 05:30 06:45 PM


Alternatively, as classroom catechesis does not constitute the ideal learning environment for every child . . .

We also offer a family catechesis option for parents who: (1) are looking to form deeper connections with other families and build a support system within the family of parishes; (2) appreciate a method of learning where the whole family participates together; and (3) would like to ask questions on areas of the Catholic faith that you did not understand or retain from years of Catholic formation. If this sounds like you, then Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) may be the perfect fit.

 Family Catechesis (GIFT) Schedule

Parish Grades Class Day Twice Monthly Class Time
St. Mary Pre-K 6 Sunday 11:30 AM 1:00 PM


For older children, be sure to visit our Youth Ministry pages. Junior high youth join small groups that meet after school where they are mentored by adults and high school youth who personally invest in them and witness to the Christian life. High school upperclassmen have the opportunity to become peer leaders in youth ministry, taking a leadership role in activities and discussion.

In addition to these options, there is of course our amazing parish grade school, Bishop Leibold School (BLS), serving children and youth from Preschool through Grade 8. The school has achieved excellence in academics, spirituality, and service, and cultivates a culture that encourages students to be proactive and responsible leaders. Moreover, every family now qualifies for the Universal EdChoice Scholarship!

Finally, if you’re one of our many parish families whose children of any age have missed sacraments, please do not worry. We are offering Special Sacrament Preparation with their peer groups to prepare them to receive.


CONTACT: Chris Robinson

Associate Director of Child & Family Formation

[email protected]