Box Lunch Wednesday

From June 2008 until August 2017 a group of volunteers met at the former parish center in Franklin to prepare and serve a free dinner for the Franklin Community from 4:30 to 6:00 pm every Wednesday.  With the sale of the old property and the current and planned usage of the old parish center by Warren County ESC, it became prudent for St. Mary to explore a new way to continue our mission of feeding the hungry in the Franklin area. 

To that end we have formed an interfaith partnership with The New Vine Help Center in Franklin (an outreach program through The New Vine Church) that is located at 8 East 5th Street in Franklin.  If you would like to know more about The New Vine and the many services they provide to the needy in the Franklin area visit their website at for details. 

Wednesday, August 23,2017 the volunteer group began “Box Lunch” Wednesdays.  The group meets at 8:00am in our parish center to assemble 120 lunches.  Each lunch consists of a ham and cheese sandwich, chips or pretzels, fresh fruit, carrots, cookies or a brownie, condiment packets and a napkin. The lunches are delivered to The New Vine Help Center for distribution to their neighbors in need.  This new way of continuing our mission to feed the hungry will allow us to reach more people and will make it possible to engage more parishioners in the process.  If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact Mary Graham at [email protected]