Adult Faith Formation

Mathetes, the Greek word for disciple, is a "disciplined learner who has discovered the need for disciplined study balanced with disciplined prayer and a social concord with others who are following the truth and discovering the light of the world." - Scott Hahn



Losing a loved one is perhaps the most painful and overwhelming of life's experiences. It challenges you physically and emotionally and raises tough questions about the future — about where God is in the midst of your pain. Your key to understanding all these issues — and healing — is your Catholic Faith.

DATES:  APR 30 - May 28 (Saturday afternoons, 2:00 - 3:30 PM)

LOCATION: The Grief Ministry Support Group will meet in the Parish Center or one of the classrooms. Participants agree to abide by our COVID-19 guidelines.

RESOURCES:  We will be using the booklet Grieving with the Help of Your Catholic Faith. A free copy of the booklet will be provided to all participants.



There is an urgent need for heaven to intercede in the life of our families, the Church, and our world, and for us to place ourselves under the care and direction of the Blessed Mother by consecrating our lives to her. Mary’s Mantle Consecration is a special program that has resulted in miracles in the lives and hearts of its participants and their loved ones. You will be invited to meditate on 46 beautiful virtues, pray the Rosary, fast for a day, and watch a weekly inspirational video talk to accompany the consecration. Pope St. John Paul II said that his consecration to Mary was a “decisive turning point in my life”.

DATES: MAR 29 - MAY 10 2022 (Tuesday mornings, 9:00 AM), Consecration Day MAY 13 (Our Lady of Fatima)

LOCATION: This study will meet in-person in the Parish Center and/or the classrooms. Participants agree to abide by our COVID-19 guidelines.

RESOURCES: To prepare ourselves for consecration to Mary we will be using the book Mary’s Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven’s Help by Christine Watkins. Participants will purchase their own book AND journal linked from the following page:



Ponder is a Bible study that explores the Sunday readings in the Roman Catholic Lectionary cycle. It is a contemplative study, which means the goal of Ponder is to unite the heart and mind. 

Ponder is designed to help individuals and groups pray with the readings first, to absorb and ground the Sunday readings in the heart or personal experience. Participants learn the process of lectio divina and Ignatian contemplation as tools for praying with Scripture. Brief commentary is provided by the study author to help participants fully understand each passage. Each Sunday includes two reflection points for ongoing contemplation (or pondering).

DATES: SEP 10 2021 through the 2022 Lenten season (Friday mornings, 9:00 AM)

LOCATION: Due to present-day COVID conditions, we will resume this study using an online format.* A meeting link will be provided to registered attendees.

*This study may switch to an in-person format in the future, in which case we will meet in the Parish Center (church undercroft). 

RESOURCES: Participants will purchase their own book directly from Little Rock Scripture Study for $24.95 using the link below. The YEAR B text is used now, and YEAR C will be used later when the liturgical cycle changes at the beginning of Advent (NOV 28).



From Something to Someone

In calling his disciples, the first thing Jesus says is, “Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The word translated repent is metanoia in the Greek, which means conversion, to change, to turn around and head in a new direction. It’s an ongoing process, not a singular event.

Metanoia: A Journey with Christ into Conversion is a video series that examines the life of being a disciple. Filmed in the Holy Land, participants are led by Fr. Dave Pivonka, founder of the Ministry of the Wild Goose, to sites such as the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan, and many more where the beauty of the images help us reflect more clearly on Jesus’ message.

Are you being called deeper this Lent, into the mystery of God and the Holy Spirit, through conversion? The answer is yes for all disciples!

DATES: MAR 3 - APR 7 2022 (Thursday evenings, 7:00 PM)

LOCATION: This study will meet in-person in the Parish Center and/or the classrooms. Participants agree to abide by our COVID-19 guidelines.

RESOURCES: Participants will be provided a printed copy of the downloadable study guide. An optional writing journal may be purchased separately for $14.95 (link below):


Rescued People Rescue People

Disturbed by the chaos going on in our country, the world, and even in the Church? These are not dark days but great days to be alive! God is not nervous or anxious. He has a plan to get his world back and he’s chosen us for this moment.

Jesus rescued us from the hands of the enemy and unending death, restored our access to the Kingdom of heaven, and has commissioned us as disciples to rescue others. We invite you to our 5-week fall/Advent study to become better equipped to answer his call.

If the Holy Spirit prompted you to share the life-changing message of the gospel with a family member, friend or stranger, would you be confident to do so? It’s easier than you might think. We’ll be using the book Rescued by Fr. John Riccardo to learn how to present the gospel message as the answer to four simple questions:

  • Why is there something rather than nothing?
  • Why is everything so obviously messed up?
  • What, if anything, has God done about it?
  • If God has done something, how should I respond?

As Christians, we are called to make our entire lives a response to the heroism and sacrificial love Jesus displayed. Rescued people rescue people!

DATES:  NOV 4 - DEC 9 2021 (Thursday evenings, 7:00 PM) except Thanksgiving Day

LOCATION: This study will meet in-person in the Parish Center and/or the classrooms. Participants agree to abide by our COVID-19 guidelines.

RESOURCES: Participants will purchase their own copy of the book Rescued from The Word Among Us (or from Amazon). The book should be purchased before the study commences.

NOTE: You may preview the Foreward, Introduction and Chapter 1 of the book on Amazon (i.e., "Look inside" the Kindle version).


To learn more, please contact Chris Stier at 937-557-1711, ext. 102 or [email protected].