Parent Resources

Parents are the most important teachers for the faith lives of their children. You are the first and most frequent example your children have and research shows that the faith experienced in the home is the most important predictor for the practice of faith later in life. Here are some resources to help you share your faith with your teens!

Resources from Publishers:

Ascension Press: Includes blogs, videos, and other resources on COVID-19.                                                                                         LifeTeen Blog: more geared towards teens, this includes numerous blog posts on faith in this time of crisis. 

Daily Readings                                                                                                                                                                                              Sacred Space Daily Prayer- A daily reflection and prayer, including a 14-day isolation retreat. 
Praying with Scripture through Lectio Divina-Instruction on a simply, ancient way to pray with Scripture. (We do this at Youth Night sometimes!)
Saint of the Day-Information on the saint of the day. You can read or listen online or in a podcast.
Saint of the Day 2- Also available in multiple formats, including your phone.

Answering Questions About Faith
Catholic Encyclopedia-
Answers to any Catholic question you may have
Magis Center- Arguments for the existence of God from the point of science and philosophy. Who said faith and science couldn't go together?


Parental Support
Catholic Movie Reviews- From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Common Sense Media- Review of all kinds of media including websites and music


Check out these apps for your phone! or search the app store for our parish app! It has prayers, learning resources,                                                       the Bulletin, our Mass schedule, and more!  It is free!
Laudate- Has tons of prayers for every moment of life, a Bible, help for Confession, the Catechism, Vatican documents,                                                               an Order of the Mass, daily readings and saint, and much more! It is free!
iPieta- Prayers, a liturgical calendar, many books written by saints, a Bible, catechisms, and reflections. This costs a small amount.
iBreviary- You can use this to pray Liturgy of the Hours
Mass Times- Use this app to find Mass times at any church in the world. You will never have to miss Sunday Mass for anything!