Liturgy and Worship


Liturgical Ministers

Parishioners are invited to consider serving in a number of liturgical ministries including Mass coordinators, ushers, lectors, servers, and Eucharistic ministers.  Training is required before being invited to participate in these ministries.  For more information, please contact the Parish Office 937-557-1711 ext 105.

Ministry Schedule

For the latest schedule of liturgical ministers, please check the parish bulletin.




Dear Liturgical Ministers,

                Our Ministry Night that was originally scheduled for Wednesday, January 30 at 7:30pm has been CANCELED due to cold temperatures and dangerous wind chill factors in the forecast.  Of course, the Wednesday 7:00P.M. Mass will NOT be canceled.

The poor attendance that results from extreme weather conditions will make ministry night largely ineffective, so we will try to accomplish as much as we can with electronic communication.

                First and foremost, Fr. Jim sees ministry night as a way to thank and affirm all of you for your faithful service to the liturgical life of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish. As St. Paul tells us that we, though many different parts, are all part of the Body of Christ.  The head can’t move without hands and feet.  So thank you for all you do to help our parish to bring Christ to all!



                The main topic planned for the ushers breakout session was going to be about security training.  Fr. Jim has been working with someone from the Springboro Police Department to come up with a training day for our ushers in March to help make sure we are doing the most we can to ensure a safe environment for all who attend Mass here. 


Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers:

                The main topic of our breakout session was going to be about the ministry schedule that has caused some confusion.  Right now, the schedule is randomly generated each month based on parameters that ministers submit.  It’s unpredictable and susceptible to errors.  And if someone is unable to serve at a Mass where he or she has been assigned, requesting changing places with someone has been cumbersome. 

                John Wright has simplified the scheduling process set to take effect in March and will be reaching out to all of you very soon for your input. It will be more predictable for you and easier to trade places.


Mass Coordinators

                Don Petch was going to have all the Mass Coordinators meet to discuss two points.

  1. What changes and processes have worked well?
  2. Identify any improvements required for supporting coordinators and mass (i.e. liturgical minister availability and support). 


All Liturgical Ministers:

                The work that you do in liturgical ministry at St. Mary of the Assumption is so important.  Our parish is stronger because of you!  Not only are you helping to make things run smoothly at Mass by ushering, proclaiming God’s Word, or distributing the Eucharist, but you’re setting a great example for our youngest parishioners with your faith and reverence.  Let us always keep in mind that we are teaching by our actions.

                And thank you for always checking in with our Mass Coordinators.  The MC’s have reported that there has been some improvement with people showing up early and checking in, but there is still lots of room for improvement.  Eucharistic ministers should ALWAYS check in just in case there is a last minute need for a substitute.

                May God bless you for all you have done and continue to do for our parish and for the Kingdom of God!